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document created with 1989 version of ventura

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Ian D Chivers posted on Sat, Mar 17 2012 6:10

Is there any way of converting this to VP 10? It would obviously save a lot of work!

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You should be able to just open this file in VP 10, but in the "Files of
Type" dialog box, select CHP.
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My memory may be a bit hazy but as I recall full backwards compatability (being able to read all previous versions of ventura) is no longer supported. From what I can remember there wer conversion options between the dos gem version and the windows version, and there may also have been imcompatabilties between vp4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x and 10.x. I had already tried what you had suggested :-(, thanks anyway.

In that case it may be required to find your old copy of Ventura 5 and make
the conversion a 2 step process...?

Now that you mention this, it could be that the file I tested was an old
version 5 file... I am sure all our GEM version files were opened in Ventura
5. Also I think Version 5 came bundled with CorelDraw 5.

That's correct. Ventura 5 and Draw 5 were bundled.

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