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Publish to PDF hit and miss

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CraigH posted on Mon, Apr 30 2012 10:09

Is anyone having problems with publish to PDF? CDx5 running on 64 bit Windows 7.

Sometimes I get a good PDF other times I get crazy error messages when I try to open them.


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London UK

What are you opening the PDF with, and what sort of messages are you getting?

Opening with Acrobat 7 pro. Messages range from file still in use by other program to missing graphics errors. The problem is that it is so random. maybe 1 in 12 PDF's all using different presets too.

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what settings do you use for PDF output? ie, PDF X/3, PDF X/1a..

Ariel Garaza Díaz

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London UK

file still in use by other program

That may be reasonable. I'm not sure about X5, but X6 launches a separate process to create PDF files. In some circumstances, that lets you do something else while the PDF is being created. But depending on the size of the job, it may take several minutes to finish the PDF. If that's the problem, then you just need to wait longer.

But ... it could also, possibly, be a variation of the problem which left JPG files open and caused the creation of hotfix 4. So, worth double checking that you have that installed.

Ariel - I have had issues at times with Document Distribution - Prepress - X/1a and X/3. Usually I will have to re-start CD and remake the PDF.

Doesn't Hot fix 4 change the last three version number to 695? I am almost positive I have installed it.

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