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BENZERO posted on Thu, May 10 2012 0:09

Please where can I download open type fonts like "Gabriola" that you can be able to add  some stylistic sets on. I have tried adding stylistics sets on the fonts that I have but no way

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Lots of free truetype and opentype fonts you can download here:



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Hello, if you have windows 7, I believe Gabriola is already installed.

Regarding download, if you have the box version of CorelDraw graphics suite, insert the DVD - Extras - Fonts, as I remember it right now. And use the program Bitstream Font Navigator. You will find Bitstream via Start-Programs-Coreldraw graphics suite-Bitstream...


Look for the Fonts folder via Bitstream . Select fond and choose install fonts.


In CorelDraw and photo-paint text/character dockrss, when a font has opentype features it will show in the dockers.


A Lott of fonts are on the Dvd.


Generally regarding fonts, you can both smaller font companys and larger font foundry companys. You can check for example Bitstream, My Fonts, or smaller ones like the great company , and so forth.

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We have offered a number of free fonts in Fonts Unleashed and more recently some of them have included the extra characters that can be used with CorelDRAW X6. Here are a couple of the most popular.
You can see the full list of free fonts at
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Lots of free truetype and opentype fonts you can download here:



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