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Corel X5 Printed Content Manual

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cfbeagle posted on Tue, Mar 30 2010 10:49

I have the Guidebook, that is COOL! but does Corel sell a printed content manual? I would love to have that PDF content manual as a printed book. I know it would be 414 pages but it would be cool.

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Murrieta, California, U.S.

Yes, that is the boxed version of X5. The manual is a hard cover book.

Since you have the X5 as a d/l version, I suggest that you give Corel a call and see how much it would cost to have the hard bound edition sent to you. (Be sure to have your X5 registered with Corel, first.)

HuMJohn aka Hugh Johnson

No, I have the hard cover Guidebook you are talking about. I bought the boxed version from Corel. I am looking for a printed manual for all the clipart and extra content.

You will find a PDF file of what I am talking about in your My Documents>Corel>Corel X5>Extras folder on your computer.


I prefer a book to using Corel Connect to search for content. Maybe if Corel Connect wasn't so flaky on my computer it would be different.

Yes I prefer looking through a book rather than search a pdf.


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Ottawa, Canada

We expected that a few users may want this....we currently do not have plans to print one but rest assured that we're watching this topic carefully.


The content included with X5 is out of this world!   If you could peruse a manual to quickly and effectively find it would be cool.

I have already turned several of the backgrounds into cash by quickly designing and selling some really nice looking business cards.


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Georgetown, Guyana. South America.

Why don't you just print that PDF file? It sounds like the most logical thing to do at this time Wink

I thought about it but 414 pages is a lot of printing.

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Georgetown, Guyana. South America.

If you booklet print it, both sides it will be about 104 pages!

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Cave Creek, AZ
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No, there is not currently a printed content manual available to anyone.


I'm sure that some people have found the book that came with X5 useful, but for me, and it looks like many others, it's a waste.  The "old" book with the clipart and fonts is much more valuable.  I can show it to a client and they can peruse the pages for the font or clipart that they want instead of sitting at a computer paging through a pdf.  Plus, they can put a post-it on the pages they want to refer to - kinda difficult in a pdf...

Please let me know how to get the printed book, I would much rather have it than what I got.  If Corel is so proud of the "new" book, how about offering them both and letting people choose.  My guess is you won't sell many of the new one.



I'll put my hat in the ring for a printed version.  I'm an electrical engineer by trade, and years ago the component manufacturing companies slowly started moving away from printed data sheets in favor of PDF version.  While PDFs may make searching for text easier, they cannot compare to a printed manual when it comes time to compare two images/fonts.  While I realize there is a financial savings involved in printing, storing, and shipping such printed material, it does users a real disservice to expect them to access that info strictly through the screen.  The component manufacturing companies sent sets of thick databooks (measured in feet of shelf space per company) for FREE, so I don't think it's too much to ask for Corel to include a 1-2" thick book in the boxed sets.

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Cave Creek, AZ
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I thought I'd throw in my thoughts on this.
I can't remember the last "content manual" I even opened. Seriously, they go on my shelf somewhere. I do open the "user manual", but maybe once or twice total. I'm sure there are others like me. Just as I'm sure there are many users who wear out one or both books. Obviously asking in this thread will give biased answers. I would hope that Corel did a survey of users to find out just what percentage use either of the books. I'm guessing there are enough users like me who never open the books meaning that it was a waste for Corel to include them. If you ask how I find content, I use ROMCat for CDR files. For photos, I typically just look in Windows Explorer though I am looking at using other software to help find it. I do know that I won't ever use a printed book. Again, that's me and I know others feel exactly the opposite.
Just as some of you have said it would take time and money to print the PDF content manual, it takes money for Corel to print the books in full color. The books have a weight and that weight affects their shipping costs. Have two printed manuals instead of one makes the boxes bigger and thus it is harder to get the box on retailers shelves.
All that said, I do think it would make sense for Corel to offer a printed version of the content manual for a fair price that covers production and shipping costs.
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Houston, Texas
It seems that Corel could license the content to a print-on-demand
website and just link to it. These kind of websites are popping up more
and more for DIY writers. Seems like a win-win for most customers but
Corel hasn't been known for doing quick easy fixes. For example, anyone
want to recall how long it took for this forum to be created? Or the
fact that the KPT Tools page still mentions Photoshop but not PhotoPaint?


I personally use the computer to search for graphics, but when working with customers it is much easier to just hand them the graphics book and let them browse.  The packages I currently have without books add very little to my sales.  99% of my stock graphic sales can be traced back to Corel graphics book.   And for some reason, the version 8 book has been the most popular.

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