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Drawing a circle

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jimboster Posted: Sun, Dec 26 2010 16:35

Help, How do I draw a simple circle?

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Select the tool indicated in the attached image (the ellipse tool). Then left-click in your workspace and drag while holding down the Ctrl key, which will force the ellipse you create to be a perfect circle.

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Thank you, but unfortunately, I don't have anything that easy. Here is my screen.  There is no ellipse button.  This is driving me crazy.

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Neil replied on Sun, Dec 26 2010 19:18

You're in Painter, which is a raster program. To create vector objects (such as a perfect circle) you need to use a vector drawing program, like Corel Draw.

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I can see that you have Corel Painter Essentials 4.  This forum is for Corel Photo-Paint which is the reason for the confusion.  Painter is a very different program...

I can see one thing you can try but I'm guessing since I don't have the program.  I can see a control above your canvas that looks like a circle with a dashed outline.  You can try selecting that and dragging out on your page.  I bet it makes a mask, but if it does then you can probably paint on or fill the masked area.

Corel has another 'official' community forum like this one dedicated to Painter : You'll probably get better help there.

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bcoley replied on Sun, Dec 26 2010 19:50

My bad! I didn't notice that you had posted in the Photo Paint forum. Good luck finding a solution that meets your Painter needs.


All the best,


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