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.cdr to layered .psd

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Manisha Posted: Sat, Mar 8 2008 21:37


How do we convert a .cdr file to a layered .psd ?


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How do we convert a .cdr file to a layered .psd ?

The layers in .CDR files can be maintained by exporting the .CDR file to .PSD format. Remember to put on the option for Maintain Layers while exporting.. This will maintain the CDR layers in PSD file.

All objects on a single layer are converted to single bitmap so you cannot have separate objects on a single layer of Coreldraw file.


x4 replied on Mon, May 14 2012 13:05

If your vector graphic it's finished (important the finished vector if contain  a few elements,these elements not be grouped  ) in Corel Draw and you want to saved in layered psd :> Open PhotoPaint with transparent background> go back in Corel draw and copy first element>go in Photo Paint>Obiect>Create>new obiect>Edit>

paste as new selection( this is first layer)>GO TO Obiect>Create>New obiect>go back in CorelDraw > copy the next element >go back in PhotoPaint>Edit>Paste>Paste as new selection (this is the sceond layer) .This proces it necessary to repeat as you element create in corel draw.When you it's finished with layers in Photo Pant go to > File>Export>File name>Save as type: PSD>Compression type:RLE Compression>Export That's all.

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export the drawing cdr to psd

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