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Urgent..please help!!

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getmenow posted on Mon, Jan 19 2009 20:03

Hello all!

I need to make/draw an illustration of 5 hexagons within a hexagon, with each side numbered 1 to 6 (in the same order so that hexagon A's side 1 corresponds to hexagon B's number 1) and also need to label each hexagon as Zone A to Zone E.

Please suggest the appropriate software to draw this easily as I can.


Kind regards

get me now

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Use the Polygon tool on the Tool Box, setting the number of sides to 6 (that is a hexagon, right????). When you make it if you hold the Control button down it will produce a symmetrical hexagon. If you just draw it without Ctrl, it will be "freeform." Beyond that just add artistic text which you can rotate precisely by holding the Ctrl key while rotating and it will rotate the number of degrees you have set--default is 15°.

Sue McCallister COLORSPOT Visalia, CA
Top 50 Contributor

Could be done in under 3 minutes with CorelDRAW... and that's old slowpoke here.

Devil  the 'dd'

oops, the instructions didn't take. Ctrl D to duplicate the first one at a 0" displacement from the original - ie: in place right on top of the original that is 7" across; keep dupe selected; enter 6" in size box with aspect ratio lock on;
hit Ctrl D 3 more times. Add the Zone info to each 6-gon wherever you like on them. Once you have them at the 7" down size or whatever you like you can group them all together and size to a bounding box using the size control "handles" (little black squares around the object); use a corner one to keep the aspect ratio intact. If you need the numbers all the same size do one and duplicate it without changing its dimensions.

comin' atcha from up on the hill in Abbotsford, BC  CANADA

Am I missing something?

Why not just use Corel's Contour tool?

Click, click and you're done...............3 minutes reduced to 3 seconds.

Diane Jersey Girl
Top 10 Contributor
There are many ways to do the same by different methods Big Smile

Ariel Garaza Díaz

Top 75 Contributor
Guelph Canada

I agree this would be faster, but the advantage of Ctrl + D is that the hexagon are individual objects (no need to ungroup or breakdown).

Alex Galvez
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