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Corel Draw X6 - Bugs

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Top 75 Contributor
İzmir, Türkiye

1) This problem is REALLY annoying and has existed for quite some time now!
     In fact, I think it exists since any the CorelDRAW version that permitted vector
     cropping on bitmaps. I finally always do a "workaround" like, either I remove
     the transparency, crop, then put back the transparency OR convert the bitmap
     to a transparent background bitmap flattened with the transparency, then crop
     it afterwards
It is definitely a legacy bug.

Kursad Cakir
İzmir, Türkiye
CorelTÜRK Blog

While copying a4 size objects its saying metadata error something...


When any objects are converted to grayscale they are having outlines though they really did not... check the above link 

Outside the powerclip, ability to select inside elements using the Alt and using of any commands all are working except interactive transparency tool. please check the video.
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