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Which drawing tablet do you use with your computer?

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Ottawa, ON, Canada
CorelEmployee administrator Posted: Wed, Aug 27 2008 11:33 | Locked


Drawing tablet usage?

Which drawing tablet do you use with your computer?

  • Wacom Cintiq (1.4%)
  • Wacom Intuos (25%)
  • Wacom Bamboo (10.4%)
  • Wacom (other model) (13.2%)
  • Tablet PC laptop (Win XP) (7.6%)
  • Tablet PC laptop (Vista) (2.1%)
  • Waltop brand tablet (0%)
  • Other tablet brand (3.5%)
  • None, but plan to purchase one (17.4%)
  • None, and don’t plan to purchase one (19.4%)
  • Total Votes: 144

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