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Urgent: CorelDraw has swiched to view mode

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tekle posted on Mon, Apr 15 2013 6:53

hello Please help me I have Windows 7 86 version and i installed CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 on this computer after 5 days there comes such massage  :  Urgent  CorelDraw has swiched to view mode, and I cant do anything in CorelDraw. Please help me My computer has internet connection.   


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The message usually comes from an expired trial version -- but not until the trial has been installed for 30 days. After that, it changes into a viewer -- you can edit, but cannot save or print.

Assuming you have a "full" version not just a trial -- check carefully that you entered the correct serial number to register the program. The serial number will be probably displayed in the Help > About CorelDraw screen.

If you did install a trial before the full version, make sure you are running the full version. If you installed to a different folder, you could possibly still have the trial installed too.

It can also happen if you have been sold a fake copy instead of a real one -- so if you did not buy it direct from Corel and you definitely installed the corect serial number you should return it to wherever you bought it and insist on a full refund.

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