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  • CorelDraw X5 will suddenly not import certain images.

    I am running CorelDraw Graphics Suite x5 on a Windows 7 Pro machine. Yesterday evening while attempting to import a routine PSD (very uncomplicated image, no layers or any special effects), CorelDraw would not import the image, and would give a "Corel is out of memory" error. The resulting...
    Posted to CorelDRAW X5 by LRH Creatives on Thu, Apr 17 2014
  • Re: Vector pictures and scruffy line ends

    Hello Tom, can you tell us which file format is being used for exchanging the files between Inventor Publisher and Corel DESIGNER/ CorelDRAW? Did you consider creating the 3D views in XVL Studio (included with CorelDRAW Technical Suite X6) and send them as illustrations to Corel DESIGNER X6 from there...
    Posted to CorelDRAW Technical Suite X6 by Klaus Vossen on Tue, Apr 15 2014
  • Photo Paint X4

    Hi, why i can´t open a Corel Draw file in Photo Paint. At my Win 7 Computer i can open a Corel Draw CDR file wihtout any Problems. But after upgrading the Computer to Win 8.1 i can´t open the CDR file in Photo Paint. Do anyone know how i can fix that Problem? Best regards. Uwe
    Posted to Corel PHOTO-PAINT X4 by Uwe300 on Tue, Mar 4 2014
  • Import .abr files (Photoshop Brushes) possible?

    Hello all! I've been looking around but couldn't figure it out. Well my question is in the title... Can photo paint x6 import .abr files? I know paint shop pro x6 64 does it. Thanks you for your answer :-) Gui
    Posted to Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6 by Gui-Berlin on Sat, Jan 18 2014
  • CDR opens as EPS

    I have been creating artwork for silkscreen in CorelDraw X5. I then export a copy to create an EPS file for the Mylar artwork (so I should end up with one CDR file and one EPS file of the same name). This has never been a problem until earlier this week. I have files with the CDR file type on the end...
    Posted to CorelDRAW X5 by Derek on Thu, Jan 2 2014
  • Update Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5 to Service Pack 2!

    Update your Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite X5 installation to Service Pack 2 now! The patch, available for download on the Corel website , includes numerous enhancements and an updated version of the 3D visualization and import component Deep Exploration CE. Here's some highlights of the Corel DESIGNER...
    Posted to Corel DESIGNER Tips&Tricks, Tutorials and more by Klaus Vossen on Thu, Apr 26 2012
    Filed under: Corel DESIGNER, CGM, Intelligent Graphics, hotspot, technical illustration, exploded view, Deep Exploration, 3D import, S1000D, X5, import, AutoCAD, Service Pack, SVG
  • Importing AutoCAD Files Into CorelDRAW

    There are certainly posts I write that upset users. There may be an occasion where it is something I can control, but most times it is simply because I am delivering a message users don't like. This is one of those posts and I am simply trying to provide a solution for users who need to import AutoCAD...
    Posted to Graphics Feeds - English on Tue, Apr 17 2012
    Filed under: tutorial, tutorial-tuesday, corel designer, autocad, corelcad, import
  • Repurposing 2D CAD files - Importing AutoCAD / CorelCAD .DWG files at scale

    Did you know that you can import .DWG and .DXF files at a specific scale in Corel DESIGNER X5? CAD models are commonly drafted in worldscale (1:1). When importing such CAD models for documentation or presentation graphics with Corel DESIGNER, you will usually not use the real world scale but rather a...
    Posted to Corel DESIGNER Tips&Tricks, Tutorials and more by Klaus Vossen on Thu, Feb 9 2012
    Filed under: Corel DESIGNER, DWG, X5, import, scale
  • Entering the content manually VS macros [From scratch to the reliable print - part 2]

    Hello. I hope that you read previous post with introduction to preparing and inserting templates. In this post I would like to show you the difference between entering content into template manually and by use of VBA macros. You may see a preview of how powerful it is to use VBA in order to integrate...
    Posted to Jarosław Kraska [Krasbit] - community blog by Krasbit on Wed, Jun 17 2009
    Filed under: import, web, integration, template, Krasbit Layouter, content, macro, MySQL, bitmap
  • From scratch to the reliable print - part 1

    I will start from series of articles about the process of making a layout which will be ready for smart processing via VBA macros and reliable for professional print. This is my first blog post for the CorelDRAW I hope to pass the test and please forgive me for my spelling errors - I am...
    Posted to Jarosław Kraska [Krasbit] - community blog by Krasbit on Thu, Jun 11 2009
    Filed under: layout, preparation, templates, import, pages
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