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Combining multiple text objects into one text object

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First published by:
Tony Severenuk
on Tue, Jan 27 2009
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on Sun, Feb 14 2010
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Combining multiple text objects into one text object

This comes in really handy when importing PDF documents and you want to be able to edit the text can combine separate text strings into a single string of text, but be sure to use the pick tool to select them in the sequence that you want them to be combined in..convert to paragraph text first....then add the paragraph spacing back in .....don't use marquee select or stuff will go haywire...



Alternative way by using Krasbit Layouter  merge text objects macro:

  1. Marquee select on a chosen number of separate texts.
  2. Run macro

You can learn more about  this macro here (macro: Layouter.mergeText). This macro is available for free. Enjoy!

Jarek K.

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Is there supposed to be sound with the video? I tried it in Firefox 3 and in IE 6+ and there's no sound.


By: hassuni Posted on Sat, Mar 21 2009 2:46

I can´t see the video, could you please ffix it. thanks

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